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    an APP HELP

    HI group...
    i am trying to get an application to interact with basic settings of an andriod phone like in iphone applicaation settings so that the functionality of the app can be switched on or off in the main settings functions...
    Can any give me some ideas to do the same

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    I am looking to change the default settings so that if i put the application ON then it should appear in the contacts list just like FAce time like"call with factime ""
    So any thoughts on this or any ideas to change the functionality will be helpful!!!!!

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    Hmmm. I think there is no need for that because in Android, everything is already integrated. You don't have to turn on or off the link. If you have a whatsapp, it links to the contact. If you have a viber, it links to the contact.
    If you have a photo editing app, it links to the gallery and so on.

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    i think that kind of app is nice but just like turon34 said, there's no need to do it for android phones.

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    andros are caled smartphone bcoz they are realy smart u dont need to integrate any aps confi. with phone it does it automaticaly

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