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    Question Security concern regarding Android custom ROMs

    There's a plethora of ICS ROMs floating on the Internet. Since the migration to ICS has been so slow, many people are downloading these customs ROMs from dodgy places. It has been a long wait for me and still I am waiting for my Vodafone operator to release ICS for my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. My question are:

    - is there any way I can download the ICS ROM from a official site for my device?
    - in case I download flash a custom ROM on my device, is there any way to verify the integrity of the custom ROM?


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    Really, the only answer is - such is the price/responsibility that comes with the freedom Android offers. If you want to go with a custom ROM then it's up to you to satisfy yourself that the source it is coming from is secure and reliable.

    I can't answer in more detail than that because personally, I'm happy to wait for the official ICS for my device through 'normal' channels. Therefore, I haven't got around to investigating where to find the above mentioned reliable and secure sources.

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