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    Question Velocity Micro CRUZ t410 - WIFI issues,,,, but good tablet?!!!

    Hello fellow Android users/abusers----

    My girlfriend got a very nice CRUZ t410 10 " tablet for x-mas.

    Has android version froyo I believe,, plenty of pre-installed applications.

    It is very good at playing back youTube videos, good sized device ,definetley an upgrade from the 7" pandigital She had.

    BUT ,wi-fi connectivity is sort of stinky , just 1 notch better than the old pandigital.

    would anyone here at this neat forum know about hooking up an external WIFI antennae to this thing ,or have similar experience w/Tablets & wifi issue???

    regards , chilibowl

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    how to fix wifi on Cruz T410

    I have never replied to any questions ever on these kind of websites. i only was usually doing the searching. to figure problems out. But when i came across your question i knew i had to reply. I also bought the Cruz T410 for my 12 old daughter for christmas 2011. I already had to send the tablet back once because i couldnt find my wifi. It worked one day than just quit working the next day. Instead of sending it back whenthe same problem arose, i found a website that fixed my problem. I had to update the firmware on the cruz tablet. Here is the website that fixed my wifi problems.

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