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    Excellent charge protection on Velocity 4G !!!

    Hi there,

    This is not a question but a bit of info about how good the charge protection is on the HTC.

    I got a shinny new Velocity and a china made solar charger with build in Lithium battery, the charger is designed for both USB and notebook charging, which has enough power to run a small notebook for an hour or so. I was streaming mp3 with the phone while I found it's battery running low, so I gave the charger a try and plug the phone to it. First I don't see the orange light on which indicates charging, usually the cause is the cable bad contact, or the charger battery does not have enough power. I paused few seconds and then look around try to find out what's wrong.... OMG I plug the phone into the notebook charging port, which the port put out 5 times as much voltage than USB !!! I quickly unplug the phone and plug back to the right port. I should have thought hard enough before re-trying, but nothing bad happened, there is no smell, no smoke, no swollen battery and music never stops on my bluetooth which is unexpected !! what I only see was a pop up warning about incompatible charge adapter in use that's all ! This accident shows the excellent charge protection on the phone, afaik Nokia has similar protection which refuse to charge when the voltage slightly higher than standard USB, but I never gave it a test gone that far !

    On the other hand, the mistake also shows the bad design of china made universal charger, which the same plug fits all by the use of external adapter tips, there is not even a standard USB socket for small device charging, not too hard for an average user to blow things up with it when charging things in rush without first check hard enough, this is such a close shave never attempt to try at home !!!

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    Thanks for the input. :-)

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