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    Any usefull Agenda and Contact Windows desktop application? Plus SMS desktop application?

    Typing on a real desktop/laptop keyboard, is still much more easy than tapping on a virtual keyboard on a handheld.

    Till recently I was a happy user of "Palm desktop", accessing my Palm Agenda, Todo list, and Contacts from my Windows desktop. I kept the handheld synchronized.

    When I was using my Nokia 5800, I could easily manage my Contacts, Calendar, and SMS messages via the Windows desktop.

    This seems not to be possible with Android!? Yes, I know, I use Google Agenda, and Google Mail via a browser. But this way I cannot directly manage my Android handheld. E.g. it is not possible to send and receive SMS messages from my laptop.

    Does there exist on Android something similar to "Palm desktop", or "Nokia Data Suite"? I have been looking at "Android Market", but did not find any desktop applications? Does there exist an Android Desktop Market?

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    Regarding SMS from your desktop/laptop, there is a plug-in for the Google Chrome browser, called SMSShare:

    It requires a deamon installed on your android device, and through that you can write sms's from your browser.


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