To the first person who answers this questions correctly and unambiguously, you will have my eternal undying appreciation.

I am a Blackberry user turned iPhone user turned wannabe Android user. The only thing stopping me from making the jump to an Android-based device? Microsoft Activesync. Thus, my question - does, or does not, the Android OS fully support Microsoft Activesync? I am not asking if Android devices will "work" with Microsoft Exchange (of course they will...POP3, SMTP, IMAP maybe). What I am trying to determine if Android OS-based devices fully support Microsoft Activesync. my iPhone does - because Apple has licensed the technology from Microsoft.

So, not to sound crass (even though I probably do and I apologize if so), if you don't really know the answer to this question, please don't answer. The Android OS either 1) does or 2) does not support Microsoft Activesync.

For those of you who might not know, Activesync is not simply a number of capabilities, it is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft and either is or is not supported on a given platform.

Can someone who knows, please give me a straight yes or no answer. Does the Android OS support Activesync or not.

Thank you, and sorry for the somewhat frustrated tone of this post...I just 1) have zero experience with Android devices, 2) Really like what I see with the newer/higher-end ones, and 3) Simply cannot function without full support by my mobile device of Microsoft Activesync.

Thanks, and I apologize for my somewhat ranting-ish question.