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    Lightbulb Android Software Design Question - regarding singleton pattern

    Dear Sirs and Madams!

    In my app I have a class, which sole purpose is communicating and transferring data from/to mysql database via server side php scripts. That works ok, but now I have a demand: CDatabaseManager class (object) should be visible to all classes (objects) in application and there should be only one instance (object) of this class. How do I achieve this?


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    You could make your database access class into a ContentProvider, although that might be overkill. ContentProviders are mainly for sharing information between multiple apps. If you only need the information within a single app, you don't need a ContentProvider...but I think you could if you wanted to.

    You could use a factory to ensure that only one instance of your database class is returned. The factory would have a static instance of your database class. All your other classes would call the factory to get access to the database.

    Here's a simple example of a factory.

    public class CDatabaseManagerFactory {
    private static CDatabaseManager mDatabaseManager = null;
    public static CDatabaseManager getInstance() {
            if (mDatabaseManager == null) {
                mDatabaseManager = new CDatabaseManager();
            return mDatabaseManager;
    Your other classes would make database calls by doing something like this:


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