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    Samsung Galaxy Mini. It sucks balls, never buy one ever.

    No-one buy a Samsung Galaxy Mini, ever.

    Even if you get it free on contract. I'm serious.

    I got mine a couple of months ago as my first smartphone, my last phone was a no-frills Nokia which served me well. I prefer my new phone but only just: it takes longer to make calls or text (usual for touch screens, but the Mini is also very slow), and the software is quite limiting. If you get one make sure you root it.

    The much bigger reason not to get one is that the combination of its smaller screen and lack of an auto-focusing camera mean that most of the best apps out there aren't available. Google goggles, barcode and code scanners, and any kind of augmented reality apps aren't available, and neither are most games. Thankfully Angry Birds works, but it's slow as hell.

    It's still a smartphone, with the benefits that brings, and it's still better than a regular mobile, but just to advise that if you can get a better smartphone for a little extra cash, it's sure as hell worth it.

    Just my experience. Anyone else have one?

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    root it... remove bloat ware and or install a better kernel... or better yet slap a new rom

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    i did not used this one you said

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    but i used android phone ,which can be inserted with barcode,such as qr code

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