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    unable to be WI-fi hotspot

    I have an unlocked galaxy S2 from tmobile which will only function as a hotspot with the t mobile SIM. Other SIMcards work in other phones but give an error when I try to enable the hotspot in the S2. Don't know if the problem is T mobile or the S2. Anyone have a S2 which works as a hotspot?

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    I have the S2 (now on ICS), bought as 'unlocked', with an 02 sim. Wifi hotspot works fine. I'd originally thought that it might be your Sim - re-reading your post, I don't know what the problem is - but I can confirm that on my unlocked phone, I can get wifi hotspot.
    How was your phone 'unlocked'?

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    My phone was unlocked by Verizon. They gave me a code and I can make calls with other SIM s,, the problem seems to be just functioning as a hotspot. Also, when using other Sims, the phone doesn't know it's phone number (under phone status). These could be problems with the unlock code, I don't know how locking/unlocking is actually implemented. Thanks for your info. Perhaps rooting the phone (or the upcoming OS upgrade) will help. I should have known better than to buy a phone from Verizon.

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