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    How to Convert a String into Barcode

    I want to convert some data like 0123456789 into barcodes.
    I am using C# to write code now. Is there any barcode font or software to use?

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    both barcode font and barcode library can create barcodes. This article may be useful for you!

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    What's the format of barcode you will use to encode these data? This information is significant for barcode making.

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    I always prefer to using barcode library to make barcodes. The generated barcodes can be saved as image and it is easy to scan than barcode font. As you do not provide the barcode type you want to make, I couldn`t give you specific c# code.

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    Hi, I am wondered if you only need to store the numeric data? If so, choose a linear barcode generator which fully integrated in C# will be OK.

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    i think you can just employ some imaging sdks which can create and edit barcodes. the sdk iam using now can do the work you are doing now, if you don't have better solutions ,you can have a try.

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    find a barcode control to get barcode generated like this barcode for C# control i've used before.

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    Yup indeed, manipulating barcodes with the help of some barcode managers can make all the progress simpler and faster than before. But it is not so easy to select a fine barcode processor. Do you have a ny good suggestion? Thanks in advance

    Best regards,

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    hey, i found this web offering barcode font,you may check it ,to see is there need ?

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    I work with itf14 barcode generating field.

    Who know how to convert a alpha-numeric string into a gibberish barcode?

    A container is identified with the label JA1234. This container should always go to destination A. Another container is identified with the label 1234. The vast majority of containers are labeled this way and these always go to destination B.

    (Note: The pool of containers constantly fluctates so we can't maintain a master list.)

    The users can either scan/key in the container identifier. Many of the containers aren't barcoded so they need to type in the number. When it gets typed in the prefix 'JA' gets ignored and suddenly the programs error checks fail (allowing wrong destinations).

    To prevent entry and to force barcoding I would like to require the program to scan a barcode. The only way to get the users to scan the barcode consistently is the provide a barcode in a gibberish (ie hexadecimal) format.

    Is there a any built-in .NET framework feature that would convert the readable string into something unreadable that would require scanning? It would need to be reversible.

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    Thank you for your information. i also have this issues, i got my answer.

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