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    Toshiba AC100-10U upgraded to 2.2

    Greetings, folks! Hoary hardware engineer wrassling with Android 2.2 here....

    Been on LQ for a while, and have gained great benefit from reading the posts and (occasionally) contributing where I can. Thanks, Jeremy!

    Love recovering old PCs and laptops with lightweight Linux distros, Puppy, SliTaz eg.

    Now we have 'My First Android '* in the home, this looked like an excellent place to hang out for a while. Thanks again, Jeremy!

    I'm a semi-retired engineer with a collection of aging computer hardware (and spare chips for much of it) that goes way back pre-PC and mostly works after some poking around. On a good day

    Been keen on Unices since 4.2BSD opened my eyes, and greatly enjoyed Coherent for a few years, which was all I could afford. Love Linux - or rather GNU/Linux....

    Android has fascinated me since it was announced - so I finally bought a Tosh AC100-10U - nVidia Tegra 250, Android 2.2 and a throbbing 512MB of RAM. Plan to start a thread on that soon.

    Plan is to eventually get a more complete environment running on this, and to share the process with the world.

    *'My First Android' is the AC100 - first app grabbed from the Tosh app store was 'Shell Terminal'
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