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    G'day from Australia

    G'day everyone.

    Well i'm new to AQ but not to LQ so some of you might already know me. Today I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2 and after cram reading for exams all morning I have been playing around with it this afternoon. I really like the phone and am happy with my purchase. I needed another phone because my nearly 10 year old Nokia was giving up the ghost really quickly so I thought I'd get the Galaxy S2 and venture into the big world of Android smart phones. Incase you wonder why I didn't get an S3, they are not available in Australia and Samsung hasn't even considered releasing them here this year.

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    Welcome to AQ. I also have the Galaxy S2 and am quite happy with it.


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    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for the welcome. It looks like I have a steep learning curve with the S2. I have read a few threads in AQ on it and look forward to learning more about my new toy.

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    hello everyone! i'm also new here

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    welcome mate here

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