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    Is possible to conncet a hub usb to a table with android 3.0?


    I've an Acer Iconia Tab A510. It has an input USB. But I want to connect two hard disks to the tablet using a usb hub.
    If I connect a hard disk, no problem. But if I connect two disks, only one is mounted.
    Is there any program which allow to mount more than one usb disk using a hub usb?



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    I have a Iconia 500, running ICS, and was able to connect a HP USB KB to it, and the HP KB had a USB connector to which I daisy-chained a mouse, and those 2 devices work. Not sure if this is relevant, but fyi.

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    Is it possible to connect to a hardwired internet connection? Dont use WiFi at home so been trying to find out if theirs an alternate way of connecting.

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    I've updated to android 4.0 and using a hub, I can connect 3 devices.
    But only one hard drive/pendrive can be enabled at the same time.

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