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    Good Book references for Android Development?

    Hi, im a bit new to Android development and would like to know which are good (or must have) books for android development. I would like to know which ones are worth buying... (It would be great if its available on Amazon)

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    Found Android for Dummies in a Google search.

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    Learning Android
    By Marko Gargenta

    Programming Android
    By Zigurd Mednieks, Laird Dornin, G. Blake Meike, Masumi Nakamura

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    go to and get the ide then get the Android Development Tools plugin at ADT using the "install new software" from the "help" drop down menu. The name is "adt plugin" (without the quotes. Once you have the ide and are installing addons you put the URL into the add new repository and then it asks you for the name. You will know what I am talking about once you get the program. Eclipse runs under Windows, Linux, and or Mac OS's so what ever system you have you can get Eclipse. I am a nub too and have found it very easy to get to know and use. Plus there is a large community base for support and plugins for pretty much anything you could want to use it for. Oh and it's totally free as well and open source to boot. Donate if you can and advocate if you can't. Like me. I is broke as f**k

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    I don't think there are any "must haves" to learn Android, especially if you are an experienced programmer. I started with Google's tutorial and learned everything else from the API guides and Google searches.

    If you still want a good book to follow along with, I would go with one of the O'Reilly books suggested above. I haven't read those books in particular, but O'Reilly books are generally very good. You can find them on Amazon.

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    Thanks for the links badtea

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    try checking A Song of Ice and Fire, The Fallen Angel: A Novel (Gabriel Allon)

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