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    Samsung Kies doesn't seem to work after it opens.

    I downloaded Samsung's Kies the other day and connected my phone to the laptop and started Kies. Kies said the phone needed a firmware update so I said yes it could, the firmware downloaded, Kies unmounted my phone and then promptly locked up. I tried this a few times but each time was the exact same. I'm using Kies on Windows 8 (yes I know development version and all that) with a Samsung Galaxy S2 (Australian model). Anyone have any ideas of whats a better and easier way to update my phone? I'm not considering rooting at this time because I don't know enough about the phone.

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    Installed Windows XP on a crappy old laptop that is only used for my tax returns that we can do online. Installed Kies and attached my Galaxy SII, an hour later it was all done and update. Kies still doesn't work on Windows 8 which will be released soon yet it works on XP with SP3 which is so near EOL it isn't funny.

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