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    Memory Usage Problem

    I hade a HTC Dream branded Telefonica Movistar from Spain with apparently a total of 192 MB ram inside. I'm running CM-6.0 & everything standard.
    Right now, Settings/Applications/Running Services shows 34MB used and 10 & 17MB free. The red bar is half way across, and all looks well.

    Uptime is low atm. As uptime increases, so do memory issues, and before long I can't open a browser or any big program(Navigator, maps) without provoking a memory problem and the kernel simply kills it again. I did check should I downgrade and was linked to a few guides to reducing memory usage, which basically meant deleting everything I didn't need. (I don't pump my ears endlessly with "music." )This helped after a reboot. Can I get more memory used as Ram? Can I improve housekeeping?

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    i have met the same problem. Any one know ?

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    You could try installing and using app "Fast Reboot" to clean your memory. It reboots all of your apps, but not the phone if self.
    You could also install some app that will show you current memory usage of every app and see if one of them has a leak, getting larger memory usage as time uptime increases.

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    Thanks. I did trim the running apps, and I'm leaning at this stage towards a reinstall because I'm getting weird problems e.g. Market can't download, sdcards are working but out of the android they are read only. The phone doesn't have the ram for CM-6.0, imho. But it still works as a phone, which is the main thing

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    This finished this way: The CM-6.0 install eventually started giving a plethora of problems, and I have reinstalled from a backup (phew! I had one) not without difficulty. I gave up in the beginning, and enabled swap of 800Megs on the sdcard.
    To get swap going after a reboot, I run
    swapon /dev/blockmmcblk0p2

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