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    How to locate a missing phone

    Hi there,

    I used a number of HTC phones, as far as I remember there is a phone locating app built on some models, but I can't find such thing on my Velocity 4G, called Raider in some region. I know there are plenty such apps on the market, but they require access to all my personal data on the phone, such as my contacts, but what I only need is to locate my phone via network or GPS, and then email me back, or share the location via Google, I don't need to do other stuffs like taking snapshots, send SMS, remote wipe.....etc., I only need the basic function needed for locating the phone, any app can do that ?
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    Lookout is goodj. It will show location on Google maps and you can make your phone scream so that you can find it in tall grass etc.

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