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    S3C USB Host driver...

    Have an Android 4.0.3 Tablet, and having problems with the USB 2 port.

    Using the USB Host Controller app shows:
    S3C USB Host driver not found.

    Q 1. Would appreciate knowing what S3C stands for.

    Q 2. Would this missing driver be the culprit for not detecting devices connected to the USB 2 port?

    Thanks for you help!!

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    I have an Android 4.03 Tablet too. Mine is an Onda Vi50 Fashion Tablet. I have the same problem.

    S3C USB Host Driver is a driver to use your tablet as an USB Host: instead of using USB to serve files as a flash drive, you use USB to open flash drives, connect modems, keyboards, mouses, etc

    This functionallity is also known as USB OTG.

    You can find information about this in this app's description:

    I'm sorry, I can't help more. I have the same problem on my Tablet.

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    Hi,I also have that same problem. How do you install the driver?

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