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    Samsung Galaxy S2 Music error

    I've been using samsung galaxy s2 for the last 3 months
    Recently, when I tried to play music with my earphones, headphones or speakers on,
    The music did not play properly.
    Even tho when the volume was on max, the music did not come out properly.
    The lyrics did not sound like they were on 15. They sounded like they were on volume 1, but the
    back ground music sounded like they were on about 8. (This was when the volume was on 15, the max).
    Also, it sounded very scratchy and bad.

    However, I found out that
    when I put the sound effect to 'concert hall' with earphones, they music did play properly.
    The lyrics came out properly, so did the music.
    But it did not matter without the earphones. The phone could play music properly on 'normal' option for the sound effect :/

    The summarise,
    -with earphones, I can only play music with sound effect on 'concert hall'.
    -Without earphones, the music plays fine in any modes/options.
    -With speakers, they do not connect at all. (They do, but music stops and just doesn't play on the speakers, but on the speakers on the phone itself.)
    Can anyone please help me?
    for more information if you need, please email me
    Thank you!

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    I had faced same problem..
    Have you any solution for this porblem

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    Nah man... thought this forum was here to help out people like us..?
    Aint got a clue if this is gonna get solved or not since it's already been about a month...

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