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    Question android native or hybrid development for beginners

    I am an aspiring developer trying to decide which development path i should take. I currently have an app idea in mind but i'm caught between if i should go with a native app or a hybrid app.

    My app (not a game) will most likely need the following:

    1. camera
    2. Facebook API to post 'content' directly from the app
    3. geolocation
    4. may need to store content on a remote server

    My programming knowledge extends to:

    java including GUI (basic)
    php (intermediate)
    css & html (basic to intermediate)
    javascript (basic) [been reading up on JQuery]

    I understand that the above is relative but I was hoping I could get some advice on what the learning curve is like for native vs. hybrid apps for android?

    As a beginner is it better to start with native to gain a better understanding of the platform and then move onto developing hybrids?

    I do understand the benefits of hybrid in terms of cross platform deployment and with native the speed and device feature benefits. Not necessarily looking for the native vs. hybrid comparison but rather more in terms of development on whats easier to pick up vs. whats best to start with but do feel free to point out the advantages and disadvantages if you think its relevant : ]

    I know there this decision may be dictated by the requirements of the app but since this is my first, i'm hoping some of you seasoned developers out there can point me in the right direction ; ]


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    for me, yes i think so..

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