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    How to build build an android 4.0 SD card image

    I have an allwinner android SDK which I am successfully building (both lichee and android). I am then using a tool called pack in order to generate the final image. I have available all the images such as system.img boot.img etc. I can use livesuit (a windows tool) to successfully burn the packed image onto the board.

    I need to generate an SD card image that can be used to upgrade the board. I am unsure how to do this. Could someone please outline the steps needed to do this.



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    i tried looking but i found no answer

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    Compile Jellybean FOR YOUR HARDWARE.. use your hardware's device tree. You should use a boot manager app to dual boot so you don't brick you're device. You could just load the rom image from an sd card. If you get it working that way or can't find a way to dual boot.. You need to flash the rom from your recovery. Clockwork mod will do the trick. At one point I flashed a room to a Droid x2 & it couldn't have been easier. I used the stock recovery and a Linux utility to connect to the phone from a shell. I forgot what protocol it was... Ive never done this....but if you've already got something compiled... It should be a breeze from careful & let us know how it turns out please.

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