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    ZT Tablet touch screen failure -firmware download cant transfer

    My PC system - Ubuntu 10.1
    I Have a
    10.2" ZENITHINK ZTPAD ZT280 C91 Android 4.0 Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen Tablet PC Cortex A9 1GHz WIFI & Free 4GB TF Card [/B]

    The touch screen failed- a question posted to the Vendor advised a firmtware upgrade and gave the download load into the external memory card.
    Download the to file into down load folder and inserted the memory card via its adaptor into USB lslot on the PC
    Extracted the file and attempted to copy across to the memory card

    Massage came up -' operation not supported by backend'
    So how to det the f extracted files imto the memory card?

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    Sylvania 7" tablet running Android v2.2
    Based on my experience with my pad, sometimes the card can be read but not written to. Have no problems if this is the 2Gb SD card that came with the system. But when I use one of my flash drives I can read it but not write to it. I am not sure if its because they are written differently (FAT table wise vs. Linux FS) or if I am having a glitch myself. If there is nothing on the memory card you are using then try to format it first and then extract the file to it. Hope this helps.


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    Thanx for that narpath2105
    I am later goint to a friend with a Windoze PC to try it that way.

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