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    Unhappy Samsung Phone Repair Service Woes

    If you want the whole story of how my phone got broke, read this:
    In short, I completely broke my Samsung Galaxy Ace plus the day after I took it out of the box. It's seemingly 100% bricked (literally no sign of life, no lights no screen no sound, nothing).
    I phoned Samsung up a couple days later (after nobody replied to my emails) and I organised it to be repaired.
    It's been 11 days since I sent it back.
    I phoned on the 7th day to ask if it had even got there because there were no updates on my samsung product repair status page since the day I first phoned them up. I also asked if the address I was given was right (Just put on envelope "FREEPOST SAMAN REP", that was it) because it sounded invalid.
    I gave them the IMEI and was told that it had reached them. I said thank you and goodbye.
    Yesterday, my product repair status had finally updated to : Cancelled by ASC Non Defect (Working properly)
    I rang up again.
    I was on the phone for 10 minutes with this guy and he told me that they had no record of my phone arriving. He handed me on to his supervisor who I spoke to for a further 20 minutes.
    She confirmed that it had not reached them yet or it had been improperly logged or it was lost in the mail.
    I sent her a copy of my proof of postage through email in case it was the latter, so they could "organize something for me if it comes to the worst case scenario"
    Knowing their reply rate to my emails, I doubt they'll even see it.

    So, I sent off my broken phone to them like they told me to, and now they've lost it... or the address they gave me was indeed wrong like I originally expected, however it has not been sent to the return address after 10 days. I doubt the Post Office is at any fault here.

    I understand how at the beginning of this mess I was at fault. I made my phone faulty through my own carelessness...
    However, since then I feel like there's been an awful lot more Samsung carelessness. And it sounds like if they don't find my phone they won't even replace it, otherwise the woman over the phone wouldn't have been so ambiguous. The way she said it I expected nothing more than book voucher in return for all my trouble and their incompetence.

    It's very troubling to think that my 166 may have only bought me just 1 day of pleasure and many weeks of distress.

    Anyway, I'm hoping I can make the best out of a bad situation.
    I have very little respect for these types of companies, and I have no problem in wrangling out a few pounds from them when they have wronged me. If this doesn't get resolved soon, I'm very tempted to go to Samsung UK directly and ask politely but firmly for a little compensation for all this crap. Maybe one of those Galaxy S3s.

    Me and my Dad have been able to get similar compensations for bad service through a letter and a phone call before.
    Maybe I can do something similar here.

    Does anybody have any helpful advice?

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    you got a point there! thanks for sharing your thoughts. i can relate.

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