Hi there,

This is a general problem may not only with Android.

My first Smartphone was a Nokia, an old non-touchscreen model, I export the contact to vcard when backup the phone, so that I can have it back on new phone easily, and that worked great. I then I transfer the contact to a Motorola Linux phone and it also worked no problem, after couple years changing phones I finally arrived at Android, and I use the same Nokia contact I created and modified from day one, it also work. After so many phone changes and editing the contact became messed up, there are duplicated and empty entries. I then import the contact to Thunderbird for easier editing, but the problem does not show up on TB, I don't see duplicated and empty entires, but when open the contact as text I see lot of unneeded entries. I know there are different versions of vcard but I don't know the difference between them, what I want is able to include contact photo on the contact, also usable on Thunderbird with or with photo, so that I can share the same contact between phone and PC, what should I do next ?