Hi guys,

I have a cheap tablet (Titan PC8008a with a rockhip rk2918 cpu) which comes with android 2.3.1. I found an update.img file that according to other person who tried it, is supposed to work with this tablet albeit with no wifi connectivity. I would like to try this update.img file for two reasons: it comes with android 4 and it's formatted in ext3, whereas the original update.img file that comes with the tablet has the /system partition formatted with cramfs (which I don't like since it's a read-only fs).

So, I would like to take the newer update.img file, unpack it, customize it to add the module for my wifi card and pack it again to flash the tablet with it, but I have some questions about it. First, I guess I should download the sources of the kernel that comes with this rom, configure them to enable support for my wifi card, compile them, take the module of the wifi card and put it somewhere inside the unpacked update.img file? In case this is the procedure to follow, where exactly should I copy the module in the unpacked file system tree? Also, can I compile the kernel sources from a x86 machine, specifying the cpu architecture as arm?

(I think I had other questions about this, but I forgot them. If I remember, I'll post them).

Thanks in advance for your answers.