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    Which Android Hardware to Buy?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have asked some users, and gotten various answers about which Android phone I should buy when I get ready to buy. Personally, I like Samsung products, but their software is so bad, it makes bloatware look skinny. So I reject them. What do you think, why do you like/dislike this or that phone or manufacturer? Thanks for your input.


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    I've been quite happy with my Nexus One and have heard good things about the Nexus S if you'd like a Samsung device.


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    I hear what you said about Samsung, but the Droid Charge has a lot to like. I got mine at Costco for $249taxed on $300 instead of the usual $600) 1st it came with a 32GB SD chip installed and empty. The Super Amoled screen is phenomenal too! Not sure what you mean by bloated Samsung software. Dual cores. The phone is fast and it's the 1st phone I have used that has NO DELAY when talking! 4G is working and the Mobile Hotspot is gratis, for now. I have it loaded with apps and it is simply a joy to use. Did, I mention the second camera? Yes, a front facing camera is included, but alas does not work with A2.2.1. I hear 2.3 may not happen but 2.4 is due in the 4th quarter and will support the FFC and other things I am sure. Multi-touch works great. 8MP camera! I am not ashamed to publish from these images at all!

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    Thanks for your input, I hope others will give their's.

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    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II phones in the U.S. They are supposedly due out later this month (June).

    The 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen, dual core CPU, 1G RAM, 8MP rear and 2MP front cameras, 1080p video (30fps), quad-band GSM and quad-band HSPA receivers, and wifi a/b/g/n make it one of the most well-equipped droids ever produced. And the 1650 mAh battery lasted almost **2 days** during heavy testing! Finally, it's supposed to ship with Android 2.3.3 "Gingerbread", and CyanogenMod support is highly likely:

    It will be available on three networks under three different product names: Verizon "Function"; Sprint "Within"; AT&T "Attain".

    Can't wait!!!!

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    I've had the Samsung Charge for about a month. Mostly good--some bad. A few days ago a pixel got stuck on red. Verizon will ship me a replacement, but only a refurbished phone--not a new one. On top of that, they have to wipe my phone to prove it isn't software related before they will initiate the shipment. I'm ticked about that because setting up a phone is a pain, but that isn't Samsung's fault. However, the bad pixel after a month of use IS their fault--so they are the root cause.

    Bluetooth is only okay. The range is quite a bit less than my moto droid and it doesn't auto-connect every time. Very sporadic. I use bluetooth all the time for streaming audio so this is very annoying.

    There are other minor things--like extended controls "light" doesn't use the cameras flash--but I installed a different app to do that. A few other things that have annoyed me but are not show-stoppers.

    Now for the good stuff: Everything else! I love this phone. The screen is super nice. I have all the original bloatware plus about 50 other apps installed and it is still quite responsive. Several of the apps run in the background like my WiFi Manager, Locale, etc. I keep all the radios on all the time because I am always near a charger so I don't care about battery. However, I went trout fishing last weekend and was able to stream bluetoth to my headset for 5 hours before the phone battery died--then I plugged in my solar charger and kept right on streaming--SWEET!--caught a couple nice fish too . Not too shabby.

    Anyway, like all phones, there is good and bad but, even with the annoyances mentioned above I am glad I got the Charge over the Thunderbolt or some other phone.

    With all that said, you might want to hold out for the Bionic.

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