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    phone memory full

    I have a Samsung ACE with App2SD but i can't move most programs... how can I do that ? I get these errors from time to time and then I have to delete alle data from my apps. I'd rather prefer installing all apps on the SD-card!

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    Hi,dnt worry its not a new problem with androids low internal memory .
    you can just use virtual image of internal memory by partioning sd card
    Now follow these steps to increase internal memory of ace
    1.Firstly backup all your data sd+phone
    2.Root your ace
    root file by using this file .flash it from recovery mode.

    unroot file-

    3.Now download this

    Apply this file as same as you done for rooting-After applying
    again hm scrn of recovery mode will be there but some changed.
    Search for advance opt.
    click on it and select sd Partion
    and choose how much value you want to be.
    1024mb is recomended.
    after finishing this.reboot your andro
    Agan install link2sd and freely move your apps to internal memory

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    Hi Prince4Princes,
    Thanks for the help but I cannot open the links you've posted - 410 error - gone. Any alternative links please ?

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