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    WMA Player for Android

    Does anybody know of a music player that will definately play WMA files. The standard player on my Google Nexus S will only play MP3 files.

    I have downloaded three or four others from the store that say they will play WMA files, but won't/can't. I'm releuctant to apy for one until I know it can can really play my WMA files.

    Any Ideas ?


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    Galaxy y, acer timelinex
    download converter
    media converter for android from
    download it convert ur file to mp3 and enjoy .

    U can also try by poweramp player,or player pro
    and if u want to get paid apps 4 free then read my other psts of blackmart

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    wma player exists!

    Since a while back VLC released their player for android, and wma plays ön my HTCsensation.
    However look closely at he disclaimer/warning text when you start VLC ;-)

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