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    Upgrade "i.t. works tm701" 7" to ICS

    I bought a cheap 7" tablet "i.t. works tm701" for my wife last year and am now looking for a way to upgrade it to ICS.
    I've looking around for a custom rom for this device, but as it is a rather unknown product, I can't find any roms for this device.

    Is it possible to use a more general rom ? How to start with it ? Has anybody any experience with this.
    I don't want to ruin my wifes tablet by fooling around ?
    Any suggestions how to do this ?


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    I don't own such a device but a quidk google shows what might happen and where to go for maybe....maybe help

    2) The problem don't know enough about your device so it may be ROM boot only so you should consider posting at xda and seeing what they what?

    3) PS you might need to be warned that xda is a dev place so if you choose to post pls read this....sorry for sucking eggs syndrom

    good luck

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