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    Does Android come with any compiz like desktop effects?

    Good day, does Android come with any desktop effects like compiz fusion, or Emerald?

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    Stock? as far as I know; I don't think so. Different manufactures and models behave differently from each other, But I've never really seen settings for things like changing the transition between screen swipes for instance.

    I myself have downloaded GO Launcher EX, Which is a home screen launcher available on Google Play store (free):

    With that you can customize how it swipes (It even has the cube effect like compiz) install themes and icons sets (Some of which will sound very familiar IE Glass or Meta) ... This is the closest I can think to come close to what I think you are asking.

    There are other launchers like GO, That will use less resources or maybe have more features that you like ... Here are a few:

    APEX (free):

    Apex is a bit lighter then GO, and because of that I didn't use it long ... as it didn't offer as much customization as I wanted. But if you have an older or lower end device it'll get the job done and looks decent doing it.

    ADW (Free):
    ***I Have not tried this one so I can neither vouch or criticize it***

    Nova (free, $4 for paid version):

    I used this one (Free version) ... it was packed with features and tons of eye-candy, Just wasn't my cup of tea ... Definitely worth a shot if you are shopping around though, Wouldn't pass it up.

    keep in mind that most of these offer a paid version with added or increased features so if you can afford it, and want the best it'll probably be best to look at what the paid versions can do as well and see which fits yours taste. Free versions make a good tester though.

    Hope that answers what you needed, as long winded as it may be. Good luck

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    Great, thanks for the links

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    Informative share, thanks for the link...

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