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    ASUS EEE transformer - feedback wanted

    Howdy all

    Anyone with hands-on experience with this model? Considering purchase for work, but durability when treated roughly & exposed to elements is a key issue.

    thanks in advance

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    I've got one and it seems pretty robust to me. I don't know about exposure to the elements, I don't think its ruggedised so I wouldn't want to get it wet, however its apparently got "gorilla glass" which it supposed to be pretty tough. I saw a post the other day from a guy saying he'd dropped his and was saying the bezel was dented, didn't seem to have a problem with the glass. So I think they're reasonably tough. I'd say closer to an android phone than a laptop screen.

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    I've just bought one and it seems to be well made. As an operating unit it is much better than I expected. Prefer it to the iPad.

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    Asus Transformer Android 3.1 SE Xperia 10i Android 2.1-update1
    Got a transformer and been using it for personal and corporate. So far so good but haven't dropped it yet.... I did a comparison with galaxy and xoom when buying and all in all came up with transformer, it was available with or without the docking keypad, I bought it with the keypad and this also provides additional protection of the screen.

    All in all I have been very happy with the purchase.

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    I've had mine a week now and I'm really impressed with it. I held back on buying a tablet until I found one that at least matched the iPad (I refuse to buy anything Apple), and the Transformer is better, except for the availability of comparable apps. Definitely recommend it.

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    I have to agree, I have had my Transformer for a month or so now and I love it. I bought a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to go along with it. It is great and has replaced my netbook. I had used the Xoom and the Iconia, and while both are great, I was partial to the texture on the Transformer. It also weighs less than the Xoom and the Iconia. All said, I am very happy with mine. It is the only Android device that I have had for any length of time and not rooted..... This thing is amazing.

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    I would say the Transformer is the best one out there for functionality, you may find something more rugged though. I think you could probably make any tablet rugged if you had the right cover/case for it. I have to tablet and keyboard dock which I put in a Targus sleeve and it goes in a Pelican case. I am sure mine could handle quite a bit with this configuration. If you are looking for just being rugged and you don't care about screen size you might look at a 7" tablet. Smaller means less weight. Of course it is not android but the BlackBerry Playbook seems pretty solid and has been put through some drop tests. (I don't remember the specifics, but generally positive).

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    Hi, just got mine and had within two days two updates, the last one was Android 3.2 ---- great

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    I've had mine for a over a week now and love it. My wife has an ipad and I think this does so much more. I don't think it is anymore rugged than any other tablet device and would be hard to read in direct sunlight. I found it ran pretty well stock but I rooted it and put the prime rom on it so I could get Netflix running. Can't say enough good things about it and so far Asus seems to be keeping up with all the latest android releases.

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    I got one with the docking station , just love it , it replaces my netbook , it seems well made , works great

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    I've had mine for about a month and I really enjoy it! Though one gripe I do have with the android platform is the lack of tablet optimized apps.

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    Asus transformer gets 8 out of 10 stars.

    - 2 stars for:

    1. Keyboard layout. NJ
    2. Flash videos on youtube are slower then on my nook color.
    3. Response time is a bit slow.
    4. Bit to fragile for everyday use and carrying around town.

    I was playing with both the BlackBerry playbook and Lenovo ideapad k1 both seem to respond a bit faster and are more secure for travel.
    I've got 7 days to return for exchange which im doing this weekend. Now roomers are BlackBerry price will drop to 250 because there not moving as fast as expected. BlackBerry is also planning to release 3g tablets.

    Comments : also tried hook it upto my windows 7 for media sharing. It will allow you to import/export files, but not delete files off asus transformer. This is a great device needs more time in development no one is going to not want to travel with there social device.

    Wifi seems a bit slow , but that is more my service provider and not related to the asus transformer. I figure with so many good ideas put into this device at some point there was going to be lose and ithink that point was in physical design not software development.

    Again 8out of 10 stars

    Hope this helps with your decision

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    I ahve had my transformer for a couple of months now,, I also bought it with the keyboard (special offer as I live in the Netherlands) with the keyboard it is extremely robust as the keyboard protects the screen. I have a cover just for the tablet part as that is what I use the most and I still think is is strong..

    every thing works well for me, but then I am an old man so what do I know.

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    just got mine and cant change the keyboard from US english to UK english. It offered choice at startup but would not change.

    Also info on upgrading to latest android would be appreciated.


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    Simply put

    You need settings / computer info / update ..... .. Should update, but homeycomb is the latest version...

    Some were in settings u should be able ro change keyboard settings and language setrings.. ReLly u should read book not that hard to figure out setup just give urself a minutue bye hope u enjoy tablet

    Pps.. Someone with android phone can walk u through this....

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