I'm trying to build an Android app. I want to make use of a C/C++ callable library that is distributed without the library's source code but with a necessary header file. To be exact, it's the Voyant (formerly LeckyIntegration) Vision library, which includes a sweet single-font trainable OCR engine that seems to be exactly what I will need (and is much simpler to get running than, for example, Tesseract). The distribution includes a C/C++ source file that demos the OCR functions. That and other compilable demos are made available in both a Linux distribution (with included Netbeans support files) and in a Windows distribution. I'm able to compile and run the Windows OCR demo using the Eclipse IDE (with the CDT plugin). I've also built a sample Android Java app and gotten it running on an actual Android device (a Samsung Galaxy S II) using Eclipse and its Android build support.

The difficulty is in figuring out if it is even possible to use that library in an Android app (to somehow bring the two projects together). Can anyone definitively tell me if it's even possible to do that? As I understand it, I'd have to call the necessary library functions ultimately from Java code that includes the necessary Android sdk support in Eclipse. Any help or advice would be appreciated. I'll provide whatever details may help.

Thanks so much, Ted.