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    Android, how can I use removable memory for running applications?

    I'd like my Samsung Galaxy to run applications from the micro sd card that is removable, how do I configure settings in my Android tablet to do this?

    It runs Android 4.0.3.

    I find that the apps I downloaded are in the in built memory of 8 gb in my 7 inch tab.

    Best regards, Novatian.

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    I don't have that device, but there's an app "App 2 SD" that helps with this, if it is compatiable with your tablet.

    However, the developer has to specifically mark the application as supporting moving to the SD.

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    You may try downloading link to sd

    if it is not available for ur phone then market will display similar app which will be compatible with ur phone

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    You can use Free Mobile Helper to move your apps to SD card or device, as well as the app data.

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    I don't think that's possible. If the application is in your memory card, you should move it internal memory.

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