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    alternative to JNI ???

    hi guys,
    I wonder if it is possible to avoid JNI in order to port a c/c++ STL application to android ?
    Do I have an alternative for calling C/C++ (STL) code ?

    thank sin advance,


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    There are third party frameworks and applications that can assist with porting your code. These are paid for applications and frameworks. IF you are serious about this, then these are worth every penny. Otherwise, No not really [to the original question]. Honestly though, once you do the initial porting to Android/JAVA syntax, it is easier to maintain both code trees than to keep reimplementing the wheel by porting native code and then fixing those missing system calls. Routines are routines no mater what language. I try to stay away from native OS features unless there is an equivalent function in the other code base's OS. If you use a third party framework, then you are essentially maintaining one code base.

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