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    unlocking/call answering without swipe. plane old buttons

    Hi, just bought Samsung Galaxy Pro, 2.2 froyo. (can be upgraded to gingerbread)

    for froyo or ginger, is tehre any tool or prog which does away with the swipe to unlock or answer/reject call?

    PS: noob @ android. any suggestins, tools, progs, widgets etc (and even mods)

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    Galaxy y, acer timelinex
    1-No one can upgrade your mobile to higher level
    But you can install coustom rom to look and make work your frayo like-gng brd
    This needs rooting,which can voide your warranty,but u can unroot it to claim waranty.

    If you really want to coustomize then contact me back.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And yes gng brd have a long list of aap

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