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    Samsung Tab USB connection nightmare

    I want to transfer couple GB of files from my HTC phone to the Galaxy tab, and it was a nightmare, I spent a whole day to do it.

    I first try direct USB connection via hub, didn't work, I then install the USB host controller app, but no luck, debug mode no debug the same. I then try the Bluetooth file transfer, it worked but stuck at 32kbs, the transfer never complete before the connection broke up for unknown reason, nothing to do with the signal strength and the visibility time out. Then I try the wifi transfer, much better speed, unlike the BT transfer, I have to zip the whole directory tree first, but the file can't be extracted at the Samsung after transfer done. I then connect both to the Ubuntu PC as mass storage, I did not use the Samsung 'Kies' as it is pain in the neck to connect.

    Both devices do not coexist as mass storage on the PC, even they show up on the file manager, I can't copy anything to the Samsung. I then copy the HTC file to the flash drive via the PC, then copy back the files to the Samsung via an USB adapter and that completed the task ! you may ask whey I did not transfer with the microSD, but both devices do not support external memory card, they have reasonably large internal storage that's why, they also don't have the unmount option in the internal storage.

    I wonder why it was so hard to connect the Samsung via USB, even I have the adapter cable, the flash drive did not show up on all file manager app other than the original Samsung 'My file'. Beside, the USB charging also pain to use, for all external batteries I tried none can charge the tab, not even the USB wall adapter other than the original one, I've to purchase a 'special cable' with data and charging switch to charge it, I heard it is a voltage booster, that reminded me the Nokia N900, which has the same problem can't be charge via USB with a standard cable, I always think that Nokia has something to do with Samsung !
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    Take a look at "Remote Web Desktop" app from Play Store. There is a free and pay edition. This implements a web server on your 'droid that you can access from any browser on the same LAN subnet. I've not tried moving large numbers of files, but I have my configured to auto-start when I connect to the home LAN. I also set my home LAN to give my 'droids the same IP every time so that I know where they are.

    About USB connections -- At some point the rules for USB connections changed. Sorry, but I forget the details. There are ways to work around these new rules. I'll try to find a link and follow-up with a later post.

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