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    porting open source apps to android


    i'm a newbie programmer, but not new to linux system administration. I found that android market lacks GPL open source tools like zenmap/nmap. What path should i take to be able to achive this?

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    Well You would have to first either use the Android NDK to cross compile your native code and then work out the bugs or literally port some code by converting it to JAVA syntax. Then work out the bugs.

    If you plan on maintaining it, it would be best to implement in JAVA and then work with the original devs for assistance in adding any new features. You obviously would provide the Android/Java equivalent of said feature.

    I am trying to do something similar and I can tell you that it is not terribly easy, but it is also not that hard either. The hardest part is trying to get the speed and functionality of an application that normally runs in the desktop world to do the same on a hand help. There is a lot of optimizations involved.

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