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    Smile Using C# to develop android

    Hello,everyone!Newbie here and came from forum!

    I am learning android development using native Java. Meanwhile, I have the same interest to learn iphone application development as well. However, I was wondering whether I can kill 2 birds with one stone?Here comes the rescue - We can use C# to develop the application on both applications with a few tweak in GUI.

    My question is, did anyone here use this software? If so, what's your experience? Is it worthwhile? (As the MonoTouch, Mono costs a lot of money) Are there any limitations?

    Please drop me a line if you have any thoughts.

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    Don't know about that, wouldn't mind trying it. I'm not too familiar with C#, but do know C and C++. I personally prefer Pascal. What I'd suggest you have a look at though is NSBasic/App. Originally designed for the iPhone, later supporting pretty much anything! Now, it's as easy as using BASIC and / or Javascript to write your program, then you run it through Phonegap, which generates an app for you that installs on Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, HP, Blackberry, and some other format.... Same identical program runs exactly the same on all platforms...

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