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    E-Mail notification, can't silence

    I have my Yahoo e-mail on my new Android phone (Ice Cream Sandwich) and it beeps every time an e-mail lands, which can get annoying. I see that I can change the type of "beep" by going into
    settings > personalize >sound > Notification sounds >email

    but I can't find the option for silent.

    Any clues will be appreciated.


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    I don't have Yahoo! mail but on my HTC phone I can turn off the mail notification sound for individual mail accounts
    - in the builtin Mail app, go to Settings > Notification Settings > uncheck Notificaton Sound
    - in the Gmail app, Settings > Notification settings: Select ringtone > the 2nd option in the list is "Silent".

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    you should go in settings... it surely is a way to silent the notifications

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