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    Using an Android Tablet to Store User Operating Manuals

    I had one of those "Duh" moments while looking for books for my Nexus 7. Why not store user operating manuals on the tablet! This concept can apply to all user manuals for any of your devices.

    I am a Amateur Radio Operator, and I have various radios, some are in the car. These manuals can approach 100 pages and they get chewed-up being carried around in the car. I was able to find PDF versions of the radio manuals and download them onto the Nexus.

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    What a great idea, OM. Don't forget manuals for home appliances, HVAC, audio and video.
    While you are at it, consider the Aldiko reader app to help collect and organize those files.
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    Be careful.

    If you follow the advice given by SaintDanBert your life will change forever.

    Once you start to use Aldiko with real ebooks - as opposed to just pdfs - you will never want to buy another hard-copy technical book. I have switched all of my tech books to ebooks on my tablet with thee exception of a few old ones. Aldiko is so good that I thought of buying the upgrade to support them but, at preseent, the free one is great for my requirements.

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